Saving electricity in the industry is an important strategic issue.

Energy-saving solutions in industry

The industry is a sector of the economy that deals with the production of material goods, whose products are created to meet the needs of consumption or to serve the next business activity for human life. It is an economic activity that involves large-scale production, consuming a significant amount of national electricity. Analysis of electricity consumption in Vietnam shows that the electricity consumption rate of the industrial sector accounts for more than 47% of the total national energy consumption, with a potential savings of up to 30-40%. Therefore, saving electricity in the industrial sector is an important strategic issue for Vietnam.

Changing habits and increasing energy-saving awareness of workers Wasting electricity is a habit of some workers in industrial parks, and this is also the cause of significant electricity costs in these areas. Therefore, companies need to educate their workers on the benefits of saving electricity, launch competitive movements, and organize encouragement and rewards for teams and individuals with a sense of responsibility for energy saving. At the same time, they must strictly handle cases of violations of regulations.

Replacing old machinery and equipment with modern, energy-efficient ones Old equipment usually requires a large amount of electricity to operate. Therefore, when these devices are turned on, they will have a significant impact on electricity costs. In addition, some old machinery and equipment may also leak electricity and pose a high risk of fire and explosion. Therefore, companies should consider replacing these types of equipment with other modern, safe, and more energy-efficient ones.

Saving electricity in production by utilizing natural light sources Natural light is an abundant light source that does not harm the eyes. Companies should design workshops and factories that maximize the use of natural light sources by installing glass doors. This way, they can provide enough natural light in the working environment of workers and keep the factory well-ventilated.

Turn off and run equipment only when required Equipment and machinery should only be turned on when needed, as starting up many types of machinery consumes a lot of electricity, and even when not in use, it still requires a certain amount of electricity to maintain the device's state. After each shift or at the end of the workday, workers should turn off equipment that is not needed to save electricity. This will help reduce unnecessary electricity consumption and save costs.

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