Biomass is a source of raw materials created from agricultural and forestry wastes. Although they are seasonal and the heat output is not high compared to coal and firewood, they are a clean and renewable source of raw materials.

Type of biomass:

Rice husk pellets.

Rice husk pellets are pressed into small blocks which are made suitable for the burning conditions of the furnace and reduce transportation fees. It is an abundant source of raw materials from agricultural waste in Vietnam. The use of rice husks has reduced the waste of rice husks in the environment, as well as created more income to improve the lives of farmers. Rice husk is a clean raw material with relatively high heat that can replace fossil fuels.


  • Calorific value 3800 - 4100 kcal, total moisture 5 -8%, ash content 12 - 18%, volatile 60 -65%.
  • Stable quality, low emission.

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Wood briquette, pellet

They are created from waste products of the wood industry. Residual cut wood, sawdust from wood processing factories; as well as unqualified timber trees as raw materials.

  • Calorific value 4000 - 4600 kcal, total moisture 12 -15%, ash content 1 - 4%, volatile 75 -85%.
  • Low emission, good flammability.

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