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Nang Luong Viet was established in 2011 as a fuels supplier, currently, we have developed and become a highly specialized company in the energy field. We not only provide customers with a variety of quality fuels, we also provide consulting, installation and optimization services for Steam and Thermal systems with a team of experienced engineers.

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Steam & Thermal

Nang Luong Viet is highly specialized in providing Steam & Thermal

1300000 tons/year
235000 tons/year
Why choose us?

Why choose us

Nang Luong Viet has many competitive advantages including over 10 years of experience, diversified fuel sources, a team of highly technical maintenance and operation engineers,...

Our company has high technical expertise in Steam and Heat with over 10 years of experience

We have a variety of domestic and foreign suppliers with guaranteed quality and very competitive prices

We has a team of experts and technicians with high expertise and experience in system operation, maintenance and optimization.

We has an extensive warehouse system, which best meets the requirements of customers while ensuring product quality requirements. Located in convenient locations for transportation to customers;
Transport team with a variety of payloads offers flexibility depending on the needs of customers
Typical projects

A few of our many successful projects

With the success in optimizing operation and cutting costs in the boiler system. We are trusted by many customers to cooperate in operating the boiler system. We have been and will be continuously researching and improving to provide customers with the lowest cost fuels, besides optimizing the system, cutting costs in Steam and Heat production.

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Meet With Engineers

Our team of experienced engineers who have constantly researched and successfully applied solutions to reduce costs and optimize system operation.


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