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Nang Luong Viet provides customers with the most suitable solution for each customer, as each customer has different conditions and requirements for energy for their production activities.

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We provide a diverse range of stable fuel sources at competitive prices and offer high-quality steam and thermal services to our customers.

1300000 tons/year
235000 tons/year
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Cost-saving solutions

Nang Luong Viet has many advantages with over 10 years of experience in the industry, diverse fuel sources, and a team of highly skilled operation and maintenance engineers.

Nang Luong Viet is experienced in providing high-quality steam and thermal solutions with over 10 years of experience in the field and a high level of expertise in this area.

We always have diverse sources of supply for raw materials both domestically and internationally, which helps us be proactive in ensuring high-quality raw material supply to customers at competitive prices.

Since the early days of its establishment, Nang Luong Viet has been committed to becoming a highly specialized unit in the operation and optimization of Steam and Thermal systems.

We have a large warehouse system that can meet orders of various sizes. Our warehouse is conveniently located for transportation from the port to the warehouse and to customers. In addition, our transportation team has a variety of load capacities to meet all customer requirements.
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Building long-term trust and cooperation is a commitment for us, as well as a challenge to constantly bring new values to our customers.

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Our team of experienced engineers who have constantly researched and successfully applied solutions to reduce costs and optimize system operation.



Keeping up-to-date with the latest news on energy in Vietnam and around the world will help our customers stay informed about policies, prices, as well as supply and demand of energy. This will help them understand current prices and trends in the future.

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